Crispy, Fresh Lettuce Anyone?

Remember the time when you ordered lettuce and salad greens and were dismayed to receive wilted and browning leaves? Or when you browsed through supermarket shelves for a nice crispy salad and could not bear to pick up the overly priced and half decayed produce?
This is not surprising as , freshness for a perishable commodity depends on the time taken to deliver, temperature, moisture etc working in sync with each other and thus freshness doesn’t stay intact in last mile deliveries..
Recognizing this problem and the demand to eat healthy, a lot of enterprising individuals have set up hydroponic farms in and around Mumbai – growing a variety of greens without any pesticide and completely safe to consume. We, at Just Deliveries, meet them at their farms at 7 am, load up the produce in our air-conditioned vans and come back to Mumbai to deliver house to house fresh greens, literally are on your plate within 12-24 hours of harvest.

To Eat Healthy:

About The Author

Mansi Mahansaria

Mansi Mahansaria

Last mile logistics for foodpreneurs in mum and Pune. farm to fork in maharashtra

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