Home Delivery of ID Fresh Foods by Just Deliveries

When Near Store approached us for home deliveries of iD Fresh Food (India) Pvt. Ltd. products – their problem statement was that their entire day would be spent in dispatching orders, following

Crispy, Fresh Lettuce Anyone?

Remember the time when you ordered lettuce and salad greens and were dismayed to receive wilted and browning leaves? Or when you browsed through supermarket shelves for a nice crispy salad and

COVID Impact on Restaurant Industry – Report

I have read a brilliant report on food industry made by TagTaste Foods Pvt. Limited – For @TiE – if you are in the F&B sector do read it in detail. My key takeaways1)

Hygiene Must For Food Delivery

Until now, logistics & deliveries were seen as a cost item- however, NOW, it can make or break your restaurant brand.

7 day successful Pivot – Is it Culture?

It was on March 23rd that restaurants came to a grinding halt. And with them stopping, we found our vans empty with no work. As the founder, I was staring at vehicle

Building Efficiencies in Logistics

The idea of a building a shared economy came to me one day when I was dropping my son to school. As I waited at the traffic lights, I noticed a tempo

Home delivery service available during Lockdown.